Meeting Theatre de la Jeune Lune

A few weeks ago I was asked to lend a helping hand to Theatre de la Jeune Lune while they rehearsed Don Juan Giovanni and Figaro, which they would be performing at A.R.T. Although my background in theater is pretty diverse, I was unsure and slightly apprehensive about what I would be doing for them and how they would react to a new person being in the room. They did recently win a Tony Award after all! I’m not sure why but I expected to walk into a room of crazy strict people who were engrossed in “the art” and had “diva” tendencies. I learned pretty quickly that the people from Theatre de la Jeune Lune were quite the opposite.

Being the new person in the room is always hard, especially when everyone else is from a different city and have been working together prior to meeting you. Everyone was incredibly warm and easy-going though. A few of them struck me as silly and playful while others quiet and a little shy. I even found a member of the cast who shares my forbidden love for all things pop culture. What can I say, it’s my guilty pleasure…

Dominique adds an interesting mix of playfulness and serious work ethic that I enjoyed having in rehearsals. The stage manager was kind and understanding which again as the new person I appreciated.

Getting to know the company over the span of a week was fun and I looked forward to working with them during their performance at the Beehive. I knew that it would be in a more laid-back atmosphere and indeed I was right. I’ll write more about that night in another post.


-Erin Wood


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  1. artphantom says:

    Erin Wood is just the bee’s knees of bloggers! She should write a permanent weekly blog-column.

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