It’s only Wednesday?

The fact that it is Wednesday means two things to a performer. One – it is essentially the beginning of the work week since Monday is the official day off. Two – you have a long way to go before your next Monday off! Yup, I’m a bit tired. Our schedule has been full of exciting stuff in the last few days – tech rehearsals, a fun trip to Boston’s The Beehive (a hip and swinging arts bar/cabaret) to perform some opera and promote the show, pulling out our costumes and wearing them for the first time in a few months. And yes, we did have Monday off…but the pressure is on. It is tech week.

Most performers are pretty adept at riding the wave that is tech week. We can smile suitably and tell clever jokes as new elements bombard our pleasant little rehearsal-accustomed life. The spectacles just got scratched, there is blood red lipstick on my cool grey skirt, I can’t find the right light to stand in for the scene with Don Juan in front of the car, can’t hear the orchestra during the last quick section of the Act I finale…stuff like that. In the end, they are only distractions on the journey to the opening. But it does wear a person out.

Meanwhile, my “life” or the mundane regular existance that I am trying to maintain carries on. Today’s goals are simple: figure out how to get reimbursed by the USPS for a wrecked cuisiart I sent to Cambridge with insurance (thank goodness), and babysitting for castmate Momoko over the dinner break while she and her husband celebrate his birthday – Happy 40th Keith! Too bad baby Audrey isn’t in the show – man, that’s a cute baby.

OK – time to get going…need to get a little rough with this day and show it I mean business. To the post-office!!!

-Jennifer Baldwin Peden

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