Back in Cambridge!

Here I am…or here we are rather. The cast and crew of Jeune Lune’s Figaro and Don Juan Giovanni have brought the shows to the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, MA. I have been living with the roles of the Countess and Elvire (I am in both shows) since January, believe it or not. We started work on the shows in January 2007, opened DJG in March, Fig in April and closed the shows in Minneapolis in June.

After such a long run, I thought I would be ready to put these shows to rest in June. Not the case. I can’t wait to do it again. There are three reasons for this off the top of my head:
1) Jeune Lune – I promise I will elaborate later
2) Mozart – needs no elaboration
3) ART and the cool theater-goers of the Boston area. I love this place.

Oh..and…quality time with my sister. Christina Baldwin is in the cast too. She’s my little sister in real life. She played Carmen in Jeune Lune’s production of that opera at A.R.T. two years ago. I played Micaela (with platinum hair). Both times we have toured here at A.R.T. we room together. We used to share a room all through our childhood until I moved out to go to college, so it brings back memories, ah the memories. I look forward to being bossy in ways that are so repressed when you live apart from one another with your significant others and small dogs.

-Jen Peden Baldwin

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