Catch-Up Ball

Bullet points today, ‘cause that’s how my brain is frying…

  • Previews! Oh, what a pleasure to have an audience! Truly the missing link. The energy of the house, my nerves, the drive and purpose – all marvelous. And the energy tightened the performance so much! A challenge, always, to make that leap from the crew in the room to EVERYONE in the room, but the best challenge, and, after all, the purpose of the exercise. If no one ever saw the play, what would be the point? I wouldn’t do it. The PURPOSE of a piece of theater is the AUDIENCE. So, thank you for the challenge and the reward – come early and often! I think you’ll enjoy it, and get a lot out of it; your money’s worth, I hope.
  • My parents-in-law came twice, and what fine audience members they proved to be. I was so pleased to hear all their musings and ideas about the play and the production. They are excellent and committed theater goers, and found a lot of enjoyment and meaning in the production. (We have replaced the hollow-back chair with a regular one) Plus, they thought I was good, which is important. They’d never seen me on stage before, and while I’ve passed most of the “hey, that guy’s married to our daughter” tests, this one remained. So thanks, George and Ina, for being such great audience members. And for all the food!
  • The showcase follow-up carries on. Discussions with agents, a few auditions. I must say, it’s nerve wracking. I do not thrive on uncertainty. I’ve met some excellent and exciting people, and while I’m ready to get to work, this in-between part (dare I say “this no man’s land?) is hard on me. I’m fortunate and thankful to be wanted, believe me, but the machinations of conducting business in New York and Los Angeles while in rehearsal and performance here in Cambridge are exhausting, and when I’m tired I get obsessive. Still, a HAPPY situation to be in.
  • The METS are playing remarkable baseball. This more than makes up for the fact that my fantasy team is a step away from lousy. I just made a trade for Adam Dunn in the hopes that he’ll boost my power categories. “It’s a long season, and you have to trust it…” Baseball is my calendar.
  • I’ve returned to reading the stoics. Scott Zigler introduced me to Epictetus last year, and I’ve found the ideas of stoicism meaningful, and a source of strength. I’m branching out in my reading now.
  • Opening Night! Tomorrow! I’m excited for so many reasons – I’m proud of the show and ready for it to be officially offered; I’ve been anticipating Opening for months and months; always fun to have a reason to hang around a good party. But I am perhaps most excited to see my friends and classmates, my dear colleagues. My Institute class is rehearsing Ionesco’s “Killing Games” without me, and I miss them terribly. Hi everybody! See you tomorrow!

And now, a quick nap.


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