Sunday Times, South Africa – My Kind of Holiday

Pieter Dirk-Uys will be returning to the American Repertory Theatre during the 07/08 Season to perform Elections and Erections: A Chronicle of Fear and Fun. Here’s an interview from September 2005 which we thought may be of interest to you.

-Nicholas Peterson

Sunday Times, South Africa – My Kind of Holiday
September 11, 2005

Gwen Gill has a chat with actor, comedian, master of theatre, Pieter Dirk-Uys

Where did you spend your last holiday?

Flew from the UK in an RAF plane to Ascension Island in the Atlantic, then
took a boat to St Helena, and from there sailed back to Cape Town, via Namibia.

The best thing you did while there?

Realising that there were places in the world that you can’t really find on
a map.

Your favourite city abroad, and why?

I sometimes think it’s Cape Town, but as I only live 80km away in Darling
that doesn’t count as ‘abroad’. I would say London – it’s like a second home.

The first thing you do when you go there?

I visit the neighbourhood cats and refresh relationships, buy the London
newspapers and read for the day. Then I buy a Travelcard and go everywhere on
the bus and tube and I don’t mind sitting next to Muslims.

What are the best places to stay and eat?

I stay with my sister and she makes the best ‘to eat’, otherwise the
neighbourhood in north London is full of the most wonderful eating places from
every nationality in the world, excluding the English cuisine, which is a
culinary relief.

What must a first-time visitor see?

The fact that Jacob Zuma is not on the front page of every British
newspaper, in fact, to find news about South Africa you must troll a supplement
to page 14b and then be disappointed.

What should they not bother with?

Converting prices from pounds to rands. Then you might as well stay at home
and page through a travel magazine and dream.

Your favourite shop, and what should they buy?

I love the DVD shops – HMV, Virgin and Tower Records in central London. Buy
something for your kids back home … no, even more important and exciting, buy
something for the maid’s kids back home.

Your favourite South African destination, and why?

Cape Town airport because it’s the portal to the world.

What do you miss about it when you leave?

The Kaapse Afrikaans.

Your favourite restaurant, anywhere?

Bukara in Cape Town, food at the Metropole Hotel verandah restaurant in Long
Street, Cape Town and Rozenhof in Kloof Street. Then ‘Zum Schatzi’ in Darling
where we go for a schnitzel-fix once a week. Superb!

One thing you want to do before you die?

The Golden Globe Awards in LA.

One place “never again”?

Walvis Bay.


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