MONOPOLY! is up.

MONOPOLY! is up. It was a wonderful house last night, which is essential when bringing back up a show you haven’t done in months and months–their energy was just fantastic. We had a very long note session this morning, and my brain is burning with nips and tucks and shifts to implement–while we all had a good time at the theater last night, as usual the first telling ran long, and the inevitable and wonderful process of sharpening the show down to a fine point is accelerated for this mini-run, as we have just a week to do it in. I think we’re up to the challenge. It is hard, wrestling between the work that must be done and exhaustion–it’s been a pitched battle for a lot of this run, and it is especially clear today that I need to be careful how hard I push changes to ensure I have the energy needed to implement them. It’s not always cut and dried.


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