Minneapolis Skyway News: A multimedia masterpiece

A recent review of Theare de la Jeune Lune’s Don Juan Giovanni which, along with Figaro, will open our 07/08 Season.

– Nicholas Peterson

Minneapolis Skyway News: A multimedia masterpiece

If you enjoy a stimulating journey more than a safe destination, if you like the rich flavor of power and seduction, and if you’re not afraid to stare straight into the existential abyss — then this show is for you.

From beginning to end, the story is seasoned with witty allusions, physical comedy, sexual play, biting political commentary and musical performances of great power and beauty. But to his final moment, the central character of Don Juan remains hungry for new pleasures and steadfast in his rejection of a conventional and hypocritical moral hierarchy that would condemn his appetites while exercising its own destructive power.

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