Video of the Disrupted Performance of INVINCIBLE SUMMER

7 Responses to Video of the Disrupted Performance of INVINCIBLE SUMMER

  1. Treavor says:

    Oh my gosh, you couldn’t have handled this any better! Thank you so much for posting this. I am saddened about the rudeness displayed here, but I honestly think displaying this video is important for many reasons.

  2. sbergc says:

    I realise that there’s not a lot of comment activity here, however I just wanted to add how wonderfully you handled such a horrible situation. There’s nothing worse then an unreasoned personal attack, let alone when you’re doing something in which you hold such a large emotional investment.

    Keep up the good work, and if your next sold out show makes you feel nervous and I happen to be in the audience, if it’d make you feel better feel free to ask me to leave.

  3. Treavor says:

    I was dumbfounded by this video, and decided to respond at my blog rather than take up too much space here.

    Thanks again for posting,


  4. harijay says:

    Very very sad display of outrageous behavior from the “christian” group. If the language offended them so much, they were free to leave. But at the point that one of the members poured water over your script, that was so uncalled for, it seemed like the taliban “expressing itself” in Afghanistan.

  5. jandazza says:

    Holy crap (I was going to use the “f”-word but… well… you know…)! Talk about “breaking the fourth wall.” You handled this so well.
    I sent this on to just about everyone I know; hopefully it will start a dialog.
    I’d love to hear the side of the high school group. What were they thinking? Did they think they were setting a better example of appropriate behavior?

  6. rawfoodist says:

    It is so easy to judge. It is much more difficult to see the good.

    You handled it beautifully. You did everything right!

  7. madams59 says:

    I was there last thursday ( i brought my teen) – afterwards i kept wondering what are those adults saying to the young people with them as they ride along on the bus? How could they possible justify the lack of civility- the asault on the work, the lack of intellignet response. All I can hope is that those teenageers find a way to have thier own reaction, find a way to form thier own judgement of both the work (although they missed so much that could have made them think- i guess it was a piece about weddings for them) I told the story to my class and to everyone i met for days. In some way it was a true performance art experience. Mike you are a real trooper- see you at Monopoly!

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