Delays, tuna packets, and snake skin

Wednesday April 18, 2007

Missed my direct flight! Showcase performances went well, but leaving took longer than I had anticipated and I was late to the airport. Never missed a flight before.

The ticket person was very kind. I got to the front of the line and he said “how are you?” and I said “honestly, I’m struggling.” He re-routed me for free, but I had to go through Chicago. I flew from L.A. to O’Hare in the bulkhead seat, so I couldn’t extend my legs and the engine was in my ear. Then an early-morning lay-over in Chicago, and finally to Logan at 10:30. A good man in Los Angeles gave me several of those foil-packed tuna portions for my flight, and they proved a welcome breakfast in Chicago. Thanks, Ross!

I was a few minutes late for my costume fitting – but what a fun fitting it was! David Reynoso, our costume designer, had assembled a closet full of clothes that Foster might wear, and we just played dress-up. Polyester, leather, silk, and enough faux snake skin to remake Miami Vice. Eight or ten
pairs of shoes, from the ridiculous to the sublime.

I did a lot of text work on No Man’s Land in Los Angeles, and I’m excited to see how it plays out in the next few days of rehearsal.

After separating for several hours in transit, my body and mind made their re-acquaintance a few hours ago, and I’m glad to be back. Time to get to work.

-henry david clarke


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