Orpheus X and the Pulitzers

The Pulitzer Prizes were announced yesterday. The Drama prize went to a Boston playwright, David Lindsay-Abaire, for his play Rabbit Hole. All of us at the A.R.T. send David hearty congratulations. Less well-publicized, though even more exciting for this theatre at least, is that our own Orpheus X was nominated for the prize. Truth be told, we didn’t even know about the nomination until yesterday’s announcement, so we were as surprised as we were delighted.

A collaboration between composer Rinde Eckert, video artist Denise Marika, and director Robert Woodruff, Orpheus X premiered at Zero Arrow last spring. It has been invited to perform at this summer’s Edinburgh International Festival, where it will play at the Royal Lyceum Theatre from August 25 – 29. There are many other wonderful things to see at the Festival, including the Mabou Mines Dollhouse and the Wooster Group’s first foray into opera, La Didone. If you’d like to come, I suggest you book tickets and accommodation fast; hotel rooms disappear quickly during the festival.

If you missed Orpheus X last year, you’ll find a video clip on the Festival’s website, and another, designed by Denise Marika, on our own site. Incidentally, there are rumors of a possible New York production in the works, so watch this space!

Congratulations to Robert, Rinde, Denise, and the whole cast, crew, and design team. The production is fantastic, and this national and international recognition is very well deserved.

– Gideon Lester


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