Introducing Don Juan Giovanni and Figaro

The season opens with another collaboration with our friends at Theatre de la Jeune Lune, the highly imaginative company from Minneapolis with whom we partnered on The Miser, Amerika, and Carmen. They’ve been developing a pair of productions that blend Mozart operas (Don Giovanni and The Marriage of Figaro) with two related French classical plays (Molière’s Don Juan and the original Figaro by Pierre Beaumarchais.) Both productions are performed on a single set by a shared cast of opera singers (including many from the astounding Carmen company) and actors (including Steve Epp, who played the title character in The Miser) and Jeune Lune’s Artistic Director Dominique Serrand, who is also the director of these two shows. The operas and plays speak very well to each other, and provide wonderful and surprising pairings that are unlike anything I’ve seen before in the theatre. The young singers are, as you’ll remember, also very fine actors, and Steve and Dominique form a hysterically funny double act.

The productions are simple and elegant, with Don Juan Giovanni largely taking place in and around an ancient car, which literally hurtles around the stage. There’s a video preview on the Jeune Lune website which will give you a flavor.

-Gideon Lester


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  1. kukaduro says:

    We welcome the Theatre de la Jeune Lune at the ART. In the last seasons they brought great diversity to the Cambridge art scene.

    Akos Szilvasi

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