A review from Bostonist: Daisey Delivers In “Invincible Summer”

Armed with an elastic face and hands prone to waving wildly or slapping against his head, the performer is able to infuse depictions of New York with high-octane physicality that conveys the stress that comes with trying to master vast new terrain. Gilbert Gottfried-reminiscent shrieks are used to convey the dastardly heat of a city summer, while happy-go-lucky head bobs poke fun at the minions that descend into the dungeons of the subway each day. Daisey is prone to shouts, outbursts, exclamations — all delivered with laugh-inducing wide eyes and gesticulations.

But it is in his moments of subtlety that Daisey gives “Invincible Summer” its soul. After one particularly boisterous comedy sequence, the performer sits still in his chair as a circle of light tightens around him. As he describes the moment in which his father announces his impending divorce, only his hands move.

Clench. “We’re divorcing.” Unclench. “We’re not going to be together.” Clench. “We are separating.”

The delivery of a later line was so poignant that Bostonist wanted to write the words down, but Saturday’s audience was so intently focused on the moment that even the sound of a pen on paper would have broken the power of the silence.



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