Tonight’s the Night — a Boston Debut

Tonight’s the night…we have just a few last things to put in place, and then the whole enterprise swings into serious motion. It’s a gray and blustery opening day, but a wonderful one nevertheless–the show is in great shape, and I’m just the right amalgam of readiness and nervousness that means we’ve come to the right spot. We spent the morning at the Loeb having meetings with the staff, talking about future plans for MONOPOLY! and TONGUES WILL WAG, and ensuring we’ve got everything set for the big undertaking of tonight’s show.

Tonight is a preview, but it isn’t, really–it’s the opening. Openings have become political things that shift and move depending on when the papers and right people are there, but for me the opening is always when the audience arrives and we can actually tell the story–until then all is simply rehearsal, and in the case of these stories not even that, as we can’t see them told without someone to tell them to.

It’s funny–when I was a student at a small, microivy college in Maine I would come down to Cambridge with friends and hardly even dare to imagine working at somewhere like ART, and now here I am. I don’t feel intimidated, but I do feel charged with purpose and meaning, and I hope that we all have a great experience at the theater this evening.

I’ll see you on the other side,


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