We’ve arrived in Cambridge, which looks for all the world like an American vision of London, and promptly got completely lost–after two days I think it’s safe to say that nowhere I’ve ever been has a greater density of one-way streets that exist in a non-Euclidean geometry than the streets around Harvard Square. We won’t have a car for most of the run, and I have to say that both of us are actually relieved about that.

We begin principal work in tech tomorrow–we chose from among a number of tables and chairs today, and we’ll be in tech all day tomorrow getting the details worked out. Previews start Wednesday, which feels very soon, but the show is ready thanks to the fantastic run at Yale, and I’m confident we’re in a good place on the performance side.

If people reading this have any advice for us while we live for the next five weeks in Cambridge, please feel free to drop me a line. More soon.


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