The Camera Adds 10lbs

“We wanted a few more killings and then a long, disgusting trial.” One of Betty’s house guests demands. “We wanted it on television. We wanted months and months of humiliating, degrading revelations.”—excerpt from Betty’s Summer Vacation

What is it about watching a trial unfold on television? Are we hooked by the mystery of what will happen next? According to, a coalition of media groups wants the Minnesota Supreme Court to revise rules that currently block cameras from the trial courts. Minnesota is one of the few states that still keep cameras out of the courtroom.

“They talk very high and mighty about what is good for the public and the constitution and everything, but in practice it is all about the ratings,” said a Minnesota defense attorney against the proposed changes. “I guarantee that if O.J. didn’t have the ratings they would shut it off the next day.”

Read article on media access debates.

Heather Helinsky


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