“Now, now! Court TV now!”

As events escalate in Betty’s Summer Vacation, the vacationers decide to hold a mock Court TV trial in the middle of the night to entertain themselves. Within the past week, the real Court TV has made two announcements to draw public attention to their channel. First, they hired Star Jones Reynolds to host a new legal show analyzing pop culture and its influence on the justice system.

“This is the perfect time in our culture to see how the law, politics, and entertainment come together,” Reynolds told The Associated Press. “Some people say it has been on a collision. I say it has been connected.”

Secondly, Court TV has launched a rebranding effort to compete with reality TV. The branding initiative comes on the heels of recent Court TV research that determine the network’s line-up attracts an audience that

“loves programing with real people, real-life situations, and true stories.”

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Heather Helinsky


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