“Sex. Murder. Mayhem. Human Interest Stories About Kittens…”

As Institute actors in Betty’s Summer Vacation continue to sharpen their characterizations, we are discovering the extremes of comedy. How far are these characters willing to go to satisfy their desires for more sex and more violence? MTV.com asks a similar question of celebrity behavior in their analysis of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and American Idol scandals. The article quoted Debra Whiting Alexander, author of a book on parenting teenagers.

“Today we seem to be a culture addicted to sensationalism. Because we have grown desensitized to so much already, behaviors keep pushing new limits to gain the attention and publicity intended. It takes more to shock us, so like any addict, we crave behaviors that keep growing more extreme.”

Read the entire article on MTV.com

-Heather Helinsky


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