american angel notes from the old new world (cambridge) – 29

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saturday, november 18, 2006 10:23AM

my sister ramona’s birthday. happy birthday ramona.

stepped out of the brattle arms at about 6:30AM. started to turn right but then decided to turn left and walk this new direction, past the theatre down brattle. for me, the road not taken (before this morning). such a great walk. still a few leaves, over ripe, clinging to the trees. waiting to fall. timing the fall in accordance with proper dramatic structure. giving me something to look forward to. many trees already bare. naked and waiting for the spring.

the cast of a woody allen film sits at the long table across from me. they talk of bed and breakfasts and vegan restaurants. they are witty and alive. they are interested in life. i am glad they are here.

on my walk i discovered St. John the Evangelist Monastery on the Charles River. a mass was in progress when i entered. simply beautiful. episcopal service. the words of the priest before communion pierced my heart. much of the service pierced my heart. the stone of the church. the marble floor. the quiet.

i’ll be going back.

the rowers on the charles. the teams of rowers. working together. going through it together. walking on water. we could learn from them.

i sense the cast is slowly coming together. rehearsals have been going good. yesterday much progress was made. huge steps.

both with marion/damiel and cassiel/damiel. becoming human. i cherish this work. this last leg (for now) of my intense involvement with WINGS OF DESIRE. our cambridge play seems to becoming very different from all the other incarnations. the circus entered the history scene yesterday. i so appreciate ola and mark’s willingness to play. a whole different take on this troublesome scene.

mam is appropriately kicking my fat bastard ass up in the fabric. she is a bitch of the highest pedigree. it is easy to look at her in love.

i’m still waiting for her and hadewych to get their “dhem horny bitches body language” deal off the ground. truly it is potentially one of the greatest ventures of the 21st century. ‘dhem horny bitches body language. be warned.

the beard grows back. the beat goes on.

i go to new york tomorrow until monday. by train. ‘gonna see vanessa’s play THE CLEAN HOUSE. and also kate loewald’s new play at 59E59. hopefully see some folk. cusi, didi, david, james. you guys still reading this shit. thank you cusi. i will see you and peter. i know you have to write.

mass reminded me this morning to love bigger. these three words;

humility, patience and gentleness.

“bare with one another in love.”

off to rehearsal. God bless us all,


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