Rock and Roll vs. Theatre

Recently there have been some interesting preview articles for The Onion Cellar in the press and it has reminded me of a quote by Sam Shepard. Among his inspirations (some suggest potentially his greatest) is rock and roll music:

“Movies theatre books painting and art go out the window none of it stands a chance against the Who the Stones and Old Yardbirds Credence Traffic the Velvet Underground Janis and Jimi.”

In a preview article in the Boston Phoenix, the director of The Onion Cellar, Marcus Stern said the following:

“This theater person feels like our job is to try and not drag rock down to theater but to raise theater somewhere closer to the viability of rock, because there is something real happening on stage. In theater, you’re working against a faky reality.”

Considering these two quotes and the various preview articles, I think we are embarking on a fascinating journey leading to stimulating discussions.

-Nicholas Peterson


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