american angel notes from amsterdam – 6

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saturday. september 16, 2006

end of a good week. now two days off.

this low grade fever virus things hangs on. the phlegm. the night sweats. the achiness. the slow down. the call to rest. especially to rest the anxious mind taxing the ever healing heart. it’s last beat signaling completion. end of time. then the joining in with the song of the angels.

i love amsterdam. what an absolutely perfect place for me to work on this play. play on this work. the sad and dark beauty of the red light district.

jesse and i ate dinner at an italian family joint on the lindenstraat. all these kids were running and screaming on the island in the middle of the street. the place where once a canal flowed through. these kids so wild and wonderful. their parents so easy with the wildness. dogs unleashed doing their thing. parents laughing and eating and drinking. everyone so faithful.

i said to jesse that i thought the red light district had nothing to do with amsterdam. but we both came to the thought that it is the balance provided by the red light district that allows this other “beautiful” thing.

just good health. so much healthier, it seems, than the smoke free restaurants of america. i love america.

i’m playing the american angel.

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