bobrauschenbergamerica: previews & reviews

The end of summer is bittersweet for all of us who enjoy vacationing around New England. However, here at the American Repertory Theatre it means that our season is just around the corner, and it fills the building with energy.

This year is no exception as we celebrate the opening of our 06/07 Season with bobrauschenbergamerica, now playing through October 7th. We are overjoyed by the response this production has received from the critics and, even more importantly, our audiences.

If you haven’t yet seen bobrauschenbergamerica, here are links to some preview articles that describe this one-of-a-kind production:

Boston Globe: Cut and Paste

Boston Phoenix: Writing Rauschenberg

Boston Herald: Collage of Scenes Honor the Spirit of Rauschenberg Charles Mee on bobrauschenbergamerica

Also, bobrauschenbergamerica has captured the hearts and minds of the critics:

“…brashly, unapologetically entertaining….(Mee and Bogart) have created a work that will resonate even with someone who has never seen one of Mr. Rauschenberg’s famous collages.” – NY Times

“A tasty slice of American pie. …A reason for celebration!” – Boston Metro

“…..elements bounce off one another in a precise and ebullient dance…”
Boston Phoenix

“a delirious trip through an America inspired by pop artist Robert Rauschenberg… a rich array of Americana. . . the most important thing to feel is delight.” Boston Herald

“an all-out hoot. A crazy-quilt celebration of the essence of America….the delights come fast and furious.” – Boston Globe

bobrauschenbergamerica is like strolling through a contemporary art gallery where each of the paintings or sculptures represents a different scene or abstract view.” – Patriot Ledger

“surprisingly satisfying….” Providence Journal

“Our Town for a new generation… a two hour slice of the ordinary in a rather extraordinary fashion…a brilliant fusion of the arts; if a painting was staged and accompanied by a soundtrack, bobrauschenbergamerica would be it.”

Have you seen bobrauschenbergamerica? We want to know what you think!

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—Nicholas Peterson

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